How am u? as my old friend Mike Phillips would have said some years back..
..I dont know why he would say such a thing when he speak and spell the english language a lot better than i do... but he did and still do.. do u remember Mike? he was in the band a couple of years ago.. small picture.. a really good friend anyhow.. well.. I spend my time fixing my little pirats nest out in the arhipelago and working on the stageset.. or whatever its called.. the stuff on the stage.. usually artists rent alot of stuff, drums and speakers and so on..but they never have the color u want or even the right monitors for the guitarrs.. so this time i really had to dig deep in my pockets to acctually buy the things we need to go on tour.. and i felt like a child in a candystore.. for the second time in my life i have bought the most beautiful drums there is on the earth..(remember i use to play drums so im a little ..or big nerd at the subject) Pearlwhite SONORdrums.. last time(read 15 yerars) the name was Sonor phonic plus, but these is just named SONOR.. I know this is not very interesting but i feel like a boy just starting his new first band.. hehe..and they sound perfectly for my sound, deep and very dancy so to say... but my drummer HABO is not that happy cuz he is allready sponsored buy another brand but.. I want white Sonor and im a there they are..(big Picture) come and see them some gig near you this summer.. and meet me? And Habo...and the rest of the band.. CrabSneakers 2008.. and then u can ask Guitarrist Marcus about the name of the band behind me..


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