I luv Finland

We had a just great little tour in our dear neighbours beautiful land...
Hi everybody, im sorry its some days since i wrote but i had some big problems finding connections to the laptop.. they had links but it somehow wouldnt work with my pc.. anyhow i´m back after some great gigs in finland..

Big picture; Over there they have a slightly diffrent but most effective way of dealing with people that had too much to drink and after that can´t behave properly... handcuffs on and sit down in the entré.. hehe just luv to see that in Stockholm, that would surley straight some guests up..

..anyhow unfortunately i couldnt bring the whole band on all the gigs cuz the stages were too small.. but all the gigs went well and houses were almost packed.. but on the last gig i had all the girls and boys on stage.. and im little sad that we didnt manage to take a photo when i was gliding on top of people..like flying in the last song sundaynite in Jämsä.. some years since i did that.. but it was a great journey.. almost 300 kilometer everyday in the tourbus so now ive seen most of finland i can proudly say.. Thank you SUOMI.. see u soon again.. more pics from this trip soon..

hugs from E-type
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