Can u belive it? A day completely free from "Musts", alot of "should be dones" but No musts today...
Wohaa... that is a good feeling, the weekend is almost free too, ive promised the poodles and there girlfriends to cook dinner saturday before were ging to the big shlagerfestivalparty later...hmm..U can only sit like 6 persons in my diningroom so that will be a problem but u know as they say in sweden " finns det hjärterum finns det Stjärterum"... so i hope u also have a good day to day.. i will support Ingvar Kamprad and go to Ikea to see if i can find me nice but cheap kithcen to my little pirats nest out in the archipelgo.. But first i Will show u that my old friend and bandmember from the bend over band Andreas H still is going strong with his wierdness... he have always had this thing of doing crazy things everytime we stop the tourbus, and some weeks ago on the way to Sälen and radio Rix show , we stopped to pee...usually u hide ur self when peeing but not Andreas.. he went the other direction and climb as high, and visual for the freeway, he could.. i luv him, allways a good laugh on tour...

bye for now

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