Howdy Folks...

Home again after a fun but a little disappointing week in kiruna...
As u can imagine, had better days than the saturday.. but we really had a fun week.. and in my oppinion we did a good job in the competition, i was happy with the the way we presented the song but we all new that it would be hard to win over a ballad..and little sibel did really sing it well.. it´s still not my favourite song, ive heard it 64 times and i still cant sing the chorus.. but she has a great voice and used the cameras well.. all the best wishes of luck to her.. to be honest i felt more sad in behalf of Carola, even though i helped my good old friends in Nordman the way i could.. Håkan the leadsinger had this really bad cold and i got some good medicine for him to treat it.. and he sang alot better the day after.. so i was a little proud there.. but home again after an exiting journey and after next saturday we have some 9 more losers to talk about:)

Big picture; its winter for real in Kiruna...first day at the check in and small picture; sweet Carola who really was in a good mode the whole week, even after the show if u want to know the truth, damn the eveningpapers can be hard on u..

kisses from Me and... if U voted for me and the boys in Poodles, I salute U !
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