darn, hello everybody, here i sit in kiruna after a loooong day with rehearsals, intervjus and alot of strange things going on...
unfortunatly i cant load up my pictures this time wich is sad cuz they are funny.. but i found a computer so i can report from this beautiful and snowy part of sweden... soo .. early morning and a tight schedule ...time for lunch :12 minutes.. but everything feels cool, we are better than we were in gothenburg ..more relaxed but the competition is stonehard as i told u be4.. sibel is a very nice little girl and she has a nice little song so...hmm.. it feels strange to compete with a hardrockpop song against a ballad.. but those are the rules.. i sat with carola on the plane on the way up to kiruna, we knew eachother when we were kids so we had some good old memories to catch up, she is a sweet woman, and goodlooking... on the other hand in really good friends with nordman too...mats wester really helped me with the intro on euro4ever.. so i dont have any particulary favourite there ..like em both.. little ola is nervous but i think his chances are good.. i did a long intervju with same radio today, that was great, u know my grandmothers mother were from lappland and she was same..no one belives this but i tell u thats a fact ..and then it is so... well thats all 4 now..take it easy and hugs from me--- E-type
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