Hello home again

hope u are fine , im great..but this pic is taken very, very early in the morning as u can see..
Ivé been far out in the archepelago in my little pirats nest on a small island with some carpenters to fix the lodge for the summer, i havnt had any real vacation for almost 10 years so this summer i will hide on this little island all the time not touring.. cool as hell to be almost all alone out there where people usually only spend their time when its summer season.. and as u can imagine..No computers what so ever.. ive been looking for a small place of my own very far out in the archepelago for many years and last august i found this little cabin just by the sea. but its very old 1890 and nothing much has been done for the last 25 years so there is much to fix and repair..but its damn fun to see the place shine again.. but just in that bay there are quite many peep summer time so well see if i can have vacation time there without getting too desturbed.. hope so..

and the the second chance in Schlagerfestivalen is next week in Kiruna, as u know my reltives are partly from the Norrland so i luv it up there..i really look forward to see the harsh terrain, the reindeers, and the climate..Its good that we have another chance to play the song cuz that song really needs a couple of listenings .. but our chances are small, as u know the big star carola also will fight over those small 2 tickets to globen.. hmm..but we have had fun and from 3400 songs I and the poodles are top 50 so that is is a small victory too.. but we will do our best i assure u that.. hear u soon im home now.. puss puss


The picture is a very early morning when we came out to the island with 10 tons of wood and construction material..
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