hi there

finally back home..
so.. another long journey has come to an end.. a couple of days home, very nice, its fun to travell but its allways wonderful to lay in my own sofa with my own dogs and ajust relax and watch whatever they show on the telly.. i hope ur fine, im fine but little tired.. but damn we had some great days in sälen skiing.. windy like hell but sun and real snow.. i have not been on skies for many year so i had fun.. todays sunny springlike weather is really far from the winter up there.. and some terrific gigs too, great public.. and we did also a small show on the old disco HC wich was little special cuz that stage was the first stage i appeared on many years ago, i think we had like 25 people that time, so it was nice to see at least a thousand this time.. some things change to the better.. so now im home hear u tomorow, time to wash up..

hugs / e-type

Big picture My dear old friend and drummer from the bend over band jocke dal and me in red jacket, and the small pic is our new sweet vocalist evelina..grr
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