Goodbye Christmas..

Today sun is shining and i can feel the spring in the air.. Its wonderful so i just have to smash this years "Pepparkakshus"..
..i know a little late but its allways a nice feeling to, so to say, smash the christmas and the winter out..this handcraftly build breadhouse, this symbol of snow and pices..halleluja..well this is how i spend my mondays, i donīt have any help cleaning my place this week so today im dust sucking, cleaning up after the dogs, brr..extremly booring but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.. but i finally found the big box that has been hidden for quite some time, the big box with old photos, from my childhood until last year..very funny just to grab 15 pictures and theres my life and my friends.. so the plan is to share some of these with u..

this morning i met the nice mr jacob from the poodles and the sweet Ullis, our extra mom, and we did a radiointervju with Morgonpasset on P3, very nice..hmm..until i just happen to make some comercial for another radiostation where they play alot of good old disco and maybe that was not the smartest thing to say..hehe..but lil fun..well, on wedsnday we go down to the festival in gothenburg, i thought it was today so im happy cuz now i have some time to buy some cloths to wear on stage..and some time to drag that sorry dustsucking machine cross the floor.. stay cool

hugs from me

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