Hi my friend!

Hope your having a nice weekend, I am, just coking food, hanging out with my dogs and acctually painting some again.. just taking it easy to gain som power for next week..
..wich i think i will need..you know its time for that big and crazy swedish schlager melodi festival..i never remember the english word for it.. but we, me and the poodles are going down to gothenburg monday and then its just intervjus and alot of rehearsing, cloths, camerarehearsing and so forth until the big day feb 9..hehe..but i told u before, my expectations are not too grand..i hope we will have a splendid week and alot of fun but for the competition..hmm.. but im really satisfied with the song, max martin wanted me to put it on my new album but the rockstyle didnt fit the profile for that record.. so what ever happens next saturday im happy..

well as u can see ive been to church this week, an old saying is; when the devil is getting older he become christian.. it might be true but for me i went to my old birthtown uppsala to meet my dear friends and neighbours from our little cottage house in Luleň, wich by the way my mothers father Ragnar builded in the 40┤s ..and i will tell u more about him another time, cuz he is one of my few idols.. anyhow uppsla domchurch is just a wonderful building..i went there a couple of hours earlier just to have time to stray the church.. its wierd that swedens old landsfader and king Gustaf Wasa is buried there.. they have painted his farewell speach when he had only little time left and he knew it..the year is 1560..

"I know i have sometimes been a hard king, but the wedish people are soon to agree and late to examine their hearts, but time will come when you want to dig me up from the earth"

...i mean how cool is that to say when ure about to die..he is sureley a intresting man.. well thats about my week and as i said i started to paint again, that is damn funny i will show my trange picture here when i have done the frame.. i promise..
but as i said i leave for almost 2 weeks on monday but i will really try to continue updating this page..hugs and kisses and have a relaxing and joyfull weekend so long

yours E-type
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