Howdy and thank u for this weekend..

This saturday we had a great gig just outside of sthockholm and I met some of our dear readers of this homepage...
...A rather full house on this Tore Källberget and my whole band, just like it should be..and now i continue, in my poor english to tell u, my dear reader, some more about my life before and beside the E-typepart.. and today im gonna take u with me to Gotland, the big and wonderful island just outside the swedish eastcoast where i served my military sum years ago..hmm many years ago..On the pictures u can see this rather cocky and rebellian soldier young furir Erikson, the picture is from one of the many weekly long exercises in tent. I served as a kokgruppbefäl, eh,.. i was kind of a leader of a small "cocking food and fightunit". And my officers were doing there absolut best to make me cut my hair, wich i offcourse didnt do, but they where on me like hell, day and night, today i think it would be called harassment..but the time i served, 10 months- was really a great time in young eriksons life, i acctually won a medal for best soldier of that year, that was kind of a peoples choise award, wich offcourse the officers hated..after some time my unit change and our new task was to supplie the raw material to the other chefs where stationed in the "front". and so we did in big trucks.. and man..what adventures we had in those trucks, it was hard for the officers to estimate how much time we needed to go from one side of the island to the other we had a great time seeing the whole island, the big beaches.. and i really met some great friends there... its a pity that so few people are doing the military service today.. it was fun and i think good to have some real responsibility in those years.. well a small story from tha past..and never mind me smoking..thats just stupid as u know..and the beer is lättöl..hehe

PLU..peace, love and understanding

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