The hardest musicprice...

..there is in sweden is called rockbjörnen, at least the most fun awardevent to see..
Hello, i hope ur fine so am I.. should have been bacon today but im not.. heureka.. anyhow the rockbjörnen has grown from an intimate more personal musicparty at the circus in sthlm to some gigantic monster event on the big Hovet..still alot of action and alot of music but too big for little me, i was supposed to sit with some good friends in the business but when i finally found my seat..u know hall E, row 114. seat 456 section C...i was alone ..well..alone with 8000 screaming kids but my friends where nowhere to be seen.. boring .. but the show was oki..until my old friend Alex shulmann ruined the show by starting to write his overrated blog above the scen on 2 gigantic screens... like; Do u know that Mando Diao really means A pigs Pu**y, and things like that .. surley fun, but i didnt think I went for a lightbeer and found the nice mr Markus Fagerwall in the bar, he is a down to earth man, hope he make it back to the scen soon. And then I bought 2 bags of Mc Donalds and went home to the wolfs...Hmm.. Am I getting to old for that party or was it ..diffrent this year, I don´t know.. but i was home 21.30 sober.. and I tell u that has not happened since i got my first invitation to that award sum years ago (read 12).. I am a lucky fellow cuz i have 2 of those great prices, with sum dust on them but they are mine.. The picture is from one occation when i was giving out the price to the sweet Miss Cher, she told me at the party after the show that she really liked my music and wanted to see me perform but the guards had locked her logedoor from the outside so she couldnt come out.. hehe, that was fun times... Well, maybe the use the big screens next year to show the action on stage instead, i think thats why they were there.. and im gonna chain myself to my friends so we dont lose eachother.. Tonite im cool and have my hands on the täcke cuz tomorrow we have a big show just outside stockholm on a disco in södertälje called Tore Källberget..strange name.. but that will be fun as allways.. see u there!!!

kisses from me..

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