Well hello to you all..

The word is on the streets that Im irish..hmm.. thatīs not true but I had the bad luck ending up there many years ago..
..rumours says that the humans there have some odd kinda religion wich make them belive that fellows like me and my brothers and sisters donīt have a soul, and therefor can be treated like trash..what kinda bullshit is that, anyone can see in my dark..hrm..grey eyes that I have a soul.. I like soulfood, i like any kind of food there is.. and I take care of my new lil sister the best way i know how.. But she is kinda special..just because sheīs been staying with our master a couple of more years than me, sheīs treating me like Im her little brother, darn, Im three times her age..but i donīt make any fuzz about that, that spoiled lil redtop can have that, Im done fighting, that is at least what my master sais. But maybe heīs right, those years over at that crazy island I had to fight both humans and others just to steal a snack from the trashcans, my new master is no genious cocking food but, hell, I eat what he serve, i can see that it makes him happy. I read he put up some cash just to save my ass..hmm..Why didnīt he just ask me? I would have come with him for free and then we could have bought hamburgers for all that money.. But he has the best sofa I have ever seen, and i have this little trick that Im about to learn to u all, when he gets up, to grab a soda or whatever, Just jump to where he sat, thats the best spot, nice and warm and close to the popcorns, and when he returns just show your teeth and he sit on the floor ..hi hi..works allways.. well, take care now and if u have room for any of my misstreated friends from Ireland .. I salute you!

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