Good day to you...

A wonderful monday...Ihope u had a great weekend , so did I ..
Friday evening I had a splendid dinner with my old and dear friend Ernst Billgren. He is in my oppinion the greatest artistic painter of our time. A warm, smart and damn inspiring guy that u just love to chat, have a lättöl and laugh with. His hole family is very nice and friendly. Before the dinner I picked him up at his big studio where he is finishing the last big paintings of an exhibition for norway this spring. Crazy, strange and beautiful paintings all along the walls, just great for an amateur like me to just inhale the extrem inspiration that flies around that studio...some years ago he talked me in to trying the colors and the brushes down his studio and that is still one of the most relaxing things I know to play with when I have the time..hehe I said Im just an amateur but I will show my stuff for U one day.. u will laugh.. I wont quit my dayjob if ya know what I mean.. google his name and u will find much more of his work than I can show here... The pic where Im holding a painting is a specially made tatoo he gave me with all "my signs" as he put it.. its really beautiful and I promised him 3 years ago that would ink it on my shoulder if I won the swedish schlager festival but I only ended up nr 5....but in 2 weeks time Im there again... though I dont think we will win cuz the song is alittle hard for that competition.. but..hehe don´t forget to wote for me and The magnificent Poodles.. Im old enough to have an tatoo i think.. don´t u?

hugs from me to U and to Ernst the inspiration source

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