The Greatest Drummer proudly presents Habo
Im Andreas Habo Johansson the drummer!
Fire, smoke, explosions & hi-energy drumming...
In the spring of 2004 I got a weird phonecall. Except the usual questions for a gig they asked me things like:
Are you afraid of fire, smoke & explosions? Do you have a problem with heights?
Except the hi-energy metal/dance/rock/reggae-kindofdrumming that E-types music requires there were so much more to consider.
I past the audition and since the 2004 summer tour I have been a member of the E-type band.

For me who grew up with Kiss and other bands with spectacular stageshows a dream came true when I joined the MasterOfEntetainmentEtypeBand.

But sometimes it gets dangerous...
A lasting memory from that first tour was when we were playing at Liseberg in Gothenburg & Martin climbed at my drums (as he always does) and his hair got burnt by a flamethrower. Fortunately it wasnt too bad and we could finish the gig.

Except beeing on the road, Ive had the great pleasure to get to know the man behind E-type, his friends, dogs and all the wonderful people who works behind the E-Type machinery and Ive made some friends for life.

When Im not playing with E-type I do sessions & touring with different artists, shows & since ten years Ive been a member of the band Narnia.

Beside banging my drums I love beeing with my family and my newborn daughter Nellie. I also appreciate a hot sauna, hanging with my friends & playing soccer.

Thanx to you for reading! Hope to see you soon along the road somewhere!!!
God Bless You All- Andreas HABO J
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