Woohoo in the rain...

Howdy people, how are u today?
Im fine, though alittle hangover today. Yesterday my father and his wife had some tickets to Mozart and Haydn at the berwaldhall in stocholm. A great koncert, short and powerful. And after that we had a great dinner at a small place called Bakfickan, lallersteds restaurang, great food. The part from mozart was music he wroted when he was 14 years old...he was actully sitting in his chamber writing this incredible beautiful songs at the age of 14..damn..myself when i was 14..exploring all the new stuff like girls, late evenings with the gang, not cleaning my room, skateboard and so on..hmm no wonder Im no mozart.. Haydn was more mature, powerful and ..boring in my sens.. but im a mozartfan as u can hear...

Now..why tell u all this..

In todays mail to my beloved rmanager wich he sends directly to me following words was presented;

Dear Martin!!! I miss you!
Could you present some new information about yourself on your site, please!!!
You have been updating it very slowly recently. That's a pity!!

I usually only write when I have sumthing that i feel is important to share with u wonderful readers, but now I will write everyday, ..hmm..almost anyhow.. more of a blogg from my life.. crazy but I will try.. and lets see if anyone will read

And now off to a big meeting with all the guys and girls involved in the big viking village that we are about to build just outside of stockholm..hopefully.. the picture is my fast drawing of the village as it looks like in my fantasy...but more of the village later

kisses from Martin E-type
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