How are u? I´m fine but there has been alot of travelling this christmas and new year, i really thought that i was going to stay home these weeks...
but No. Happy new year by the way! Well a new year, a fresh start, a beginning of sumthing new..maybe? Maybe not? I dont know, but I cincerly hope that sum things in the world will change..but for me many things will be the same.. a few weeks of vaccation is over and tomorrow is time for a gig, in Norrköping, sweden.. that will be fun, somekind of army party? hu? what to wear? I think i will have to go thrue all the old boxes of cloths from my youth and maybe I find sumthing..And the dogs are fine, I can see that Vanda is laying in my..ops her bed and thinking of what to write next time she hijack my computer.. I hope u are fine and that u had a great new years eve and that the following year will be the best..

hugs, so long


On the picture Max Martin is dancing to True believer when we recorded it.. no one dances like him..maybe myself
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