Iīm cold..

Sweden is cold this time of year, itīs not snowing, just rainy, cold and dark..
..so this is what I look like when Im trying to show my master that I donīt wanna go out for that silly walk, I can see that he also is freezing so why bother. . but my brother jeddan is partly a greyhound so he just love when itīs cold and frosty, but he is a little crazy. .I use to tell him that sometimes but he is from Ireland so he doesnt understand.. I love him as a brother but sometimes he scare me, like when he is yawning u can see that he miss alot of teeth and his breath is..different. Today they served us a big Julbord..eh Christmastable, in our daycare, that is allways nice, just skipping that boring dry meal and eat what dogs are ment to eat, my brother has a bad stomach so he could only eat 1 meatball, thats good cuz I had the rest..goodbye

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