A hell of a BassPlayer!!

I'm Johan Dereborn, the bassplayer.
I've had the pleasure of working with E-type since the last century!
Our paths crossed in 1997, and we started working together in 1998.
It's been a blast all the way since then!
We've ridden around in tour buses, trains, helicopters, russian limousines, old sunburnt cadillacs and sailed viking ships, we've shot rifles, bombs & cannons and chopped motorcycles as well as lambs. We've broken bones, legs and arms, we've gone hunting, gone crazy and gone home...

It's a HUGE privilege to have Martin as my friend.

It's also been a huge privilege getting to know a lot of good friends and colleagues through the E-type circus - and of course meeting all of you folks! I'm really looking forward to see you down the road somewhere!

When I'm not ruining the stage sound with too much low end, I enjoy building, repairing and riding my old Harley-Davidson Panhead, or tinkering with our big 100 year old house,- or cooking a good meal!
That meal I then enjoy sharing with a cpl of good friends, blabbering away as hours fly.

Thanx for taking the time to read about me - and I hope to see ya all soon!



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