How about some HiStory?

Darn, this article is old as a rock....and probably one of the first pics of me as an artist..or at least drummer
Hello everybody, how are u? Im fine. For the moment Im doing the like big Christmas shows in various places in sweden, easy, fun and alot of different artists. Almost like just being in a band if ya know what I mean, and therefor I dug this old article up from the hardest music magazine many years ago, Can u see whos me? I played with speed metalband Manninya Blade for like a year before they actually fired my ass when I humbly suggested that mayby not all songs have to be 12 minutes long and all about dark death and doom. Dont recall being too happy at the time but that was the start of sumthin else. The next day I sold my drums and bought a computer and some synthersises and started to make my own music and to speak the truth, kinda glad I got fired after all. But I can sometimes miss that great feeling being in a band, solo artist is...kinda solo sometimes..that is also i think the reason I will work with the splendid hardrockband The Poodles in the Swedish Melody Contest 2008, thats gonna be fun and only fun, we will not win there for sure, but we will have fun, the kinda fun u can only have in a band!

Kisses from yar,

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