Tjohooo, Im back!!!

Hello, I hope that everything is fine with you! I'm really doing great! Finally my album is released and I'm now just chilling in my house for a couple of days..
And I'm really happy for this album. But it's actually, as I told you before, was supposed to be a couple of more songs but as you all know by know I broke my hand, which forced this..
We had a little realese party to celebrate the release of "Eurotopia" and I wish that I could have invited you all.. But the venue was really small.. See pics from the party on this link

I hope that you as well like the new album!
Have you any clue where the treasure island is located? He he! Have got a lot of proposals of an Island located in the North of Sweden (Norrland).. But that's wrong!
I can promise you, It's a really nice treasure!

I have my laptop now so I hope I can give you more updates from now.

See you soon!


I had a wonderful bunch of artists colleagues on stage at the realese party, and one of the was Danny. Hi did his song Tokyo! Great song! Thanx Danny!!
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