A hell of a guitarist!

Meet Mackan from the band!
Hello people!
I was asked to introduce myself on this page so here is some info about me.
My name is Marcus Jidell and I have been playing guitar with e-type for almost a year now.
It has been a great pleasure from the start, both to play with such a great band and to meet the beautiful fans of e-type.
Before this I have been playing with different bands and artists such as Jekyll & Hyde , The Ring , Meja and many more. I am also a member of the Danish/Swedish/American prog/symphonic hardrock band Royal Hunt .
I started to play guitar when I was 13 years old and before that I played the cello (which I still play now and then).
To play music is my main interest in life but I also love to sit down with my friends and eat a lot of food and talk about everything (and nothing :-) .

Thank you for your time and interest in me and I really hope to meet you all soon out there. on the roads with Swedens best live act E-TYPE !

All the best,
/ Marcus

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