I'm back with Force!
Hi, so how are u? I'm fine, almost fine, the bandage and gips has come off my right hand so now I'm almost back in business..stiff like a dead fish but they say it will start to work soon.. well, I'm still ashame over an accident like that can happen in my age.. but now I can write again.. still in very poor english off course.. but I'm using the smart words in the new lyrics on the new tracks instead.. hehe.. I can see that we promise the new single in next week but I think that it will take a few days more cuz we had to add some parts yesterday...but I know that Robin and Jonas who is producing the song with Max martin are working day and night to make it sound as craaaiieezzy as possible.. I was there today and listened and I'm VERY happy..

And thank you all fantastic Finland-People that I met in Turku, Åbo last weekend at the venue, that was fantastic to see that ure having as much fun with True beliver as I do.. very nice .. finland is a very nice country, I allways feel like home there..hope to see u soon.. hugs from me (now with 2 healthy arms)

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