Hello Everybody!!

Thank you for the support
Yes, I will now try to write some in english again.. as u know my english is not the best but.. Thank you all people for your great and wonderful support during last weeks conserts and tv-shows all around sweden.. magnificent to see you.. allsćng on the skans..hehe allsćng pć skansen was crazy and as u might have heard I had to clear the air with a certan paper that tried to make me look like i didnt liked to be part of the show.. wich I relly did.. thx again anders lundin and the rest of the guys there. Both Luleć and Umeć was great too.. Sorry about the weather in Luleć.. so for me its back to the cellar and finish wrtiting and producing the new album.. pray that max martin find a new single among the songs.. he is a hard producer.. but the best... like my listeners!!! Hugs from me! And the picture is taken from a vikingparty .. the guy on the right is my dear friend and halfbrother Adde who use to play bass in the group same years back!!
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