New Live Video Saturday

The new live video from the crazy gig in Skellefteċ, Sweden is ready.
Hello everybody, I have had some hundred complains that most of the articles are written in Swedish so I will from now on try to use my second language..but I warn You, my english suck.. But anyway, the new Live video from Skellefteċ is to be broadcasted, Aftonbladet will write about it and show the adress download link tomorrow wich is great offcourse.. so search the video on After the weekend I will put the link out here on my homepage. As u probably know, the other most expensive horrorvideo of the song True Believer did turn out so bad that I´ve decided not to show it..yet.. maybe we can all laugh at it later but now it will just make new listerners turn away and maybe choose some scary RnB music or sumthin instead..höhö.. I sincearly hope u like it, we had a great gig in Skellefteċ wich I hope shows in the Video...skċl
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