A letter from Canada

Jason wrote
Hey Everyone my name is jason tome and im a 17 year old kid from ontario, Canada. I have been a huge fan of e-type for 4 years now and watch and listen to his music pretty much everyday. The reason that i am emailing you guys is because i was wondering if you guys were ever going to have a north american tour sometime. It would be great to see you in person instead of videos on youtube. I have a large group of friends that would love just as much as me to see you in concert in Canada sometime. I know that even though im only a young kid and stuff you guys might not focus in much on this email but i would really appreciate it if you guys would respond to me. With lots of love from Canada and thanks for the great music all the time, you are truly one of the greatest artists to ever exist. Sincerly Jason Tome from Canada. Please let e-type read this and let him know he is loved all around the world.
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