Unbelievable! Incroyable!

New song on Monday!
Can you believe it? I feel dizzy, nervous and excited. Nervous about whether you will like it even though I myself am crazy happy with both the song, lyrics and production. But it is a happy song, so it is great that spring is on its way.

Well. . Maybe not today but yesterday the birds sang in the sun. I have the real desire to go on tour but we shall probably wait a bit and see if more people than me, my labels, Max Martin and Shell Back like the song;-)

And do not forget that soon this page will take a break while we do the little fonts and so .. It will also be linked to FaceBook and it will probably be FaceBook, which will direct it. Please come immediately to the facebook page E-type Official. That's the news page from now on ...
Darn that everything must change.

And the song is not released in physical form, but only on the net .. it feels too strange for an artist who released CDs since the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia in the current Iraq .. but but times change .. but not me .. hehe .. many hugs and party on ..

"When u hit me with the beat I'm back 2 Life, When u get up on yar feet I'm so Alive"





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