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New press photos with bingo Rimer .. old artist!
New press photos with bingo Rimer .. old artist!
Hope you are well and that 2011 is a great year so far..
I feel good after all the weekends but have a brutal cold .. but it can strangely be nice sometimes .. forcing one self to relax and lie in front of the TV .. because the mix came a bit late, we did not releasing new song at New Year as we first thought .. so now I hope that it will be soon .. but more songs are supposed to be ready so there is much to do .. and this little website will also be renewed soon .. I hope .. but yet it seems that most of my dear colleagues still are on vacation...So did u check out the calling yar name video? Darn ita was some years ago.. time flies.. and what a hero he is Per Oscarsson as a priest, donīt ya think. So we'll see if I make a new video soon. It would be fun.Well, take care of yourself and talk to you soon ..

Hugs E-type



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