A good end of 2010 and a happy new year!

Not the best picture but a happy man lying on the floor with a nice glass of wine in his hand.
Martin and Johan final mixes new song and I lie on the floor in the studio and drinking wine with Martin's dog. One of the year's best moments for me.

And now is a rather strange year to the end. Worldly, one can hope that next year will be a bit better.

And I hope you who read this will have a wonderful year. I think it will be very exciting. I can not wait until next year. As usual, all my dogs are very fearful of fireworks so I will put them in the car and drive far, far out on the countryside where it is quiet and there quietly celebrate the New Year. Far from the party and clubs. December has been a lot of work and alcohol so it will be very good with a bit of tranquility. But I hope that you also will celebrate in the best way for you and that together we Have a crazy, fun and invigorating 2011th.

Big hugs and thx Manager Niklas, Max Martin, Johan schuster and Maratone, Savan, Julius and and Sankan and Warner, The strutsbrothers, Niklas and Peo and Universal, Payami and my dear Band!

Elli, Elli, Oschi, Oschi, Pysch and Brum, Jätteskum!!!

Don´t forget to buy bird seed for them poor birds that have nothing to eat in the thick snow. Great big hugs from me. Hear ya next year!!!




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