Hope you are well and manage to get through snowdrifts
I'm finally back in the capital after four very pleasant weeks in Karlstad. Julgalan has been fantastic nice and all fellow musicians and artists highly skilled. But either I've been very active on stage or I'm starting to get old for real .. I have somehow managed to hurt my neck .. so for a month now I have pain in my arm so I almost get nervous. And today I got to be part of something dreadful. MRI! oww. Crawl into a long narrow hole and, for 20 minutes listening to the worst tecnho song I've ever heard. Loudly. I said this to the very nice staff in the morning, you should demonstrate this terrible machine for performers before they walk up on stage and jump like Olympic gymnasts .. Then one would probably think twice despite having drunk some beer .. top 10 the worst thing I've done .. I shall certainly genealogy a bit and see if there is more in the family who are claustrophobic .. oh, I felt unmanly in the tube when I kept a strong hold of the emergency button .. but enough about that .. everything else is good and the one who waits for something good can not wait too long??? Im thinking of the mix from American.. who seem to be stuck in security check ..but now I am not able to nag any more .. it may come when it will .. anyhow.. big hugs to all good people Ive met during my weeks in Karlstad och to u reading this.. Soon it will be more action on both this page and facebook when new song is released.

hugs from E-type




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