Halloj dear comrade

But you can not smell the wine through the bottle? Well, yes, if you have age and experience what it smells like.
But you can not smell the wine through the bottle? Well, yes, if you have age and experience what it smells like.
Hope you are doing well this Sunday.
I feel very good. The weekend has been brilliant. Last Friday I was invited to a music publishing dinner at Berns in Stockholm, by the great music publishing company Warner Chapell. Very nice, good food and nice people. Red-One won a bunch of prizes. Pleasant Per Gessle won special prizes. And most importantly, Max Martin and John Shell Back received a very nice price. And this we celebrated all night and drank beer in various forms. It was great fun to meet old and new artists, songwriters, record labels and branch people. Danny from EMD is allways nice, I had a good beer with Ebbot in Soundtrack of our life (small pic on the right side of the legend Jonas Siljemark) Red-one was very happy. The rumor was that lady gaga would come to the party but she did not.
No show 4 me, nothing seriously just plain fun. But most fun for me was that many had heard my new song and really liked it. Much praise I got. So I sailed around the party in my own little happiness bubble. Most important is of course that you who read this like it but if I shall find a record company it's important that they like it first .. well well .. a wonderful evening that ended with a big vampire masquerade in a big castle close to where I live .. but then I was tired so I almost fainted .. Yesterday it was time to label all my sheep. The small plastic pieces in their ears. But they did not seem to hurt any of it. And today is a glorious day for today I won a little shooting contest. Small shooting competition, great price. A Magnum of Champagne. But my father must have it because it's Father's Day today.

And, no, unfortunately, no mix of new song come in the mail from the lovely country of America yet. But it should come soon, I think. But I know there were many before me in line. The question is whether I will have time releasing the new single before Christmas. I hope so but it is not clear. We'll see when the mixed version pops up. So it looks like. Hope your weekend also have been nice. Big Thx Warner Chappell and Big hug from me.






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