Greetings valuable fellows!

Although I am used to stand alone against the enemy, this is a bit exaggerated .. time to run .. Fast!
Although I am used to stand alone against the enemy, this is a bit exaggerated .. time to run .. Fast!
Hope you are doing well this Monday!
I feel good and work on everything with the new record .. It's pretty fun to get in touch with people I have not seen or worked with for years. Today was a lawyer day and it went very well. I also drove past the ostriches and listened to another song that feels very nice. On this track, I get vocal help of a very talented and sweet girl who beat me out of the Eurovision song contest a few years ago. She did right ;-)

What a hassle it is to not get to write what I want on my own page .. but before all contacts and contracts are made, I promised all those involved not to babble too much .. but it sounded very good anyway.

and from today I will try to be at the gym at least 3-4 days a week so I'm in top form if I would get to go on tour again ;-) Start Monday in a gym was new to my body .. but the evening has been spent to make a beef stroganoff on Craime fresh instead of cream while I listened to the grim - Epica, "Burn to a Cinder" - Both I can recommend to you stealth-hardrockers and meat eaters .. It's fun to have heavy metal as a hobby when you're working with disco all week.. hehe ..

and not only that .. Last weekend I was guest actor in a new video with the awesome Swedish hardrockband Raubtier. I could finally dust off my Viking clothes and swing my old sword in the rain on a heath .. BRR in 5 hours .. but it was fun and the band and the filmcrew and the other vikings were all very nice .. A really good song. As a really angry Roger Pontare going berserk through the Swedish forests. I thought it was a small secret to the release, but I guess that with Facebook nothing is a secret anymore .. well. Over and out from the western front.

Many hugs from me and stay as U R; Brilliant, witty and groundbreaking.



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