Euphoric and happy!

Hi there! I hope that you also are doing excellent.
Everything has gone crazy fast. Max Martin and his lovely sidekick John ShellBack phoned me the other day and said, Here we go! Pang, poof! I was completely blown away and gathered myself. I hopped in the car with all the material for the song they wanted to record. A song that I wrote last spring when I borrowed a studio of Max. The working name of the song is Eiras Song after my newest dog Eira. But the song is now called something else. But we must wait a while. I have actually no record label at the moment. Hm..
It felt even then that the song was very happy and with fresh ideas. And now after only 2 days flows a great party song from the speakers. The old E-type but still brand new .. brand new. Crazy fun. When I came to the studio this morning and heard what they've done during the night, I got goosebumps .. very simple song but still goodfeeling party .. I am so proud .. but I obviously wish that you who read this will like it as much! There've been some years since I sat in the studio 4 real and I had even forgotten how fantastic it is .. to see a small music seed grow. But it is clear that I have for years been very spoiled with the world's best producers. and their ears and heart ..So I am as you understand very glad this amazing Friday. Damn. But what happens when this track is released no one knows. But what I do know is that I am crazy happy with the tune. And my dearest producers as well. More than that, I can not do.

So to celebrate and in an attempt to teach myself that lambs are food and not pets, I've cooked lamb rack in honey sauce tonite ..well not my own. (of course) fantastically tasty but I will probably be one of the world's worst farmers and get the oldest sheeps on earth. But my own, now twelve, sheeps have been doing very well in their nice paddock by the sea. The other day came a new ram and a new ewe to the flock. They were of course called Anders and Laila, Since Mr. Lamb is called Bagge in Swedish. For those of you who follow Idol.

And as you can see now all the boats come up from the icy water. And it was perhaps time since it started snowing today for real. But as you hear everything is good with little me.

Now we must finish the track by next week. Other superstars actually standing in line to get to work with the boys ;-)

And not only that, some other great producers also sit and work with some of my songs in another studio in Stockholm. Very talented guys, but them I will tell you about next time.

Stay stubborn, pigheaded and resilient and Many hugs from


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