Hello there dear web friend

As my old friend and colleague Herbie said in a song; - I'm blind but I can still see YOU! And guess who has given my bassplayer so stylish leather pants?
As my old friend and colleague Herbie said in a song; - I'm blind but I can still see YOU! And guess who has given my bassplayer so stylish leather pants?
I hope you are well and have a good time, at the end of summer 2010
I feel great. I'm sitting right now and looking out over a beautiful landscape in northern Sweden. Where? Can not say. Promised not to tell. We have big show tonight with all my amazing bandmembers for a big company party and I am the surprise performer. But beautiful it is where I sit in the evening sun and drink .. soft drink? I have promised myself to have a beer every time I fly, but this morning at eight-thirty, I was really not that hungry for a beer ..

But it's nice. We arrived this morning by plane and I have been keeping me away all day so as not to spoil the element of surprise. And it's like a mini vacation where I can just sit in an armchair, looking out over the landscape and think about big and small things...

Why our good Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik has such difficulty to tackle health care issues when he has such good answers to everything else. Can be expensive for him tomorrow when there is political choice in Sweden. Such a good guy suddenly shows an empathetic crack in the polished surface. Strange. I'm not so interested in politics but I think that the alliance needs more than four years in a difficult economic period internationally to show what they can do. And I like Mona as a person but I'm not sure I want her to lead the country ...What to do, what to do?


This magical ball magician Zlatan. It is fun to follow but must be hard to be as good at football as he has difficulty dealing with his temper in the media. But I'm maybe not the right man to talk? hehe .. But what a pleasure it was to see him make 2-0 in his second match of the new club when they wrote so nasty about him the day before. I think it's spelled Revenge? Hope it goes well tonight. Sweden's own and only superstar in sport. A Björn Borg with bigger ball (s)... One old football legend and trainer after the other gets a avhyvling from him.. it's funny, Perhaps, rather, he is like old McEnroe, if u remember..

and more;

My great producers are in America and are recording new songs with a lot of world-class artists .. It is all awesome for them right now, the boys .. it's wonderful .. and it's great that little I get to work with such geniuses .. when we get started ;-) Do not think I have seen them work so hard be4 ..

and finally;

After a whole summer of fear that my beloved Viking ship should sink or be run into a storm, it's nice that they are now resting quietly in thier nice and cozy barn .. but so cruelly depressing that summer is over .. where did it go? So strange, but in Sweden it is full summer on the last July, but August 1st is the time to advertise for Christmas presents. Should there be a fall in between?
Next summer I will start having shorts and barbecue outdoor at the end of April .. otherwise it's just a few weeks summer .. and I can not have it that way .. but now it is time to bathe my hair and get an ice cold beer .. and think about how I should be able to see the match against Catania in a hotel room high high up in northern Sweden ..

Stay cool and warm and Many hugs




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