Maybe the darkest photo ever been taken? Yup!
Maybe the darkest photo ever been taken? Yup!
Hope you are fine..
"You are so fine to me, McGregor!" A damn good film called Rob Roy, by the way.. but What I wanted to say is that Im very good, its friday, "And all is well" as the night watchman used to scream at every hour in the old castles..But seriously, I feel very good and, as you can see on the very dark photo, my little house that I built is up and last weekend we had taklagsfest .. a housewarming party .. crayfish party of course .. very funny .. I hammered the last nail at 18.00 and sent 20 sms to my friends and two hours later we sat 18 people and ate crayfishes .. and drank all the right drinks that crayfish requires..and beer offcourse.. A very old swedish commercial slogan for vodka was " Crayfish requires these drinks" ..I had a poster of it when I was ..younger..Im still awaiting a call from my dear busy busy producers that we will start to work.. but not yet im afraid.. so patiently, you and I wait for a new E-type song comes from the radio..zzz...zzz..many hugs so long and have a wonderful weekend


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