Hi Di Hoo, Good Friend!

Did I win this? Nope, but I would sure like to have one in the future...
Did I win this? Nope, but I would sure like to have one in the future...
Hope yar good in the summer.
I feel very well this Tuesday. Yesterday me and my manager niklas came home from a long trip to Malung. A beautiful Malung. For quite some time ago the very talented dance band Professor Thomas Deutgen called me and asked if I wanted to give a award of gold clef to the best dansband in sweden. The largest Swedish dance band price. I said absolutely.

But the key here is to tell those who do not know that it is not about modern dance music but the old stuff .. like country music in Swedish.u know..

Anyhow, we took the car and drove up in the beautiful country of sweden for quite some hours almost to the border of Norway. And had a lovely evening in Malung. All of this music genre is amazingly nice. We were very well looked after and drank and ate very good .. a bit too much because I dropped the text as usual when I would try to sing a big band dance hit called Nothing stops us now! And it was not so smart, given that 350 000 people listened live on the radio. but it was very fun. and crazy.

Then one of our lovely evening papers has written about my involvement in this branch and managed to hint that I from now on only will write songs to these dansband.. wich I offcourse not will do. But Im very happy that some of these bands are are brave enough to play and record some off my songs..like Scotts. I mean I just started to write this kind of music.. and its fun.. But nothing has changed and some real E-typeSong will be recorded soon..

But Thank you Thomas Deutgen and all the band that I met in Malung. It was a totally new and friendly and nice evening for me. Next time I will have some wine After the awards and not before..

Many Hugs so long from me




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