Congratulations to Victoria and Daniel ..

I travel around the world and miss everything as usual ;-) but what is a ball at the castle? as we in sweden say.. Although I did not attend the royal wedding, so I have to say hurray for the wedding couple .. I've met Daniel a few times and he seems very stable and good. In addition, it is wonderful when people marry for love and nothing else. Especially in the monarchies in the world. I think they will be very happy. Well done! Elli, Elli, Oschi, oschi, Pysch och brum; Jätteskum, Ojja!!!

No, for me there will be no wedding this week .. but summer is long ;-)
But I have had a fantastic trip through Holland to Ukraine and further up to Trondheim for a very nice gig. Although we almost rained down the beautiful hills in norway we had a fantastic trip. With full band and all were in top mood. We also welcome a new beautiful woman in the choir singing departement of the E-typegroup, little Marlene! Fantastic voice, sweet girl. Velcome!! Ukrainian was promotional work in norway but we HAD a full outdoor fireworks show. But Kiev is allways nice and interesting. An old vikingtown, we like! And very friendly and loving people!

But now Im finally home and safe lying in my couch and watching the football.. but darn its boring not to have my own country to cheer.. But i hope that your favorite country in the football World Cup is leading the I say as little Anna bergendahl tried to say in Oslo; this is my life, my friend!

But we have some more monstrous shows this summer to look forward to; The beautiful city of Skellefteå will be crazy.. and soon its time to start to record some new material in the great studio of Max Martin and Johan Shysster .. so I really hope that your summer continues to be beautiful and to see you soon .. many hugs


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