Great readers!

But is the wool padding really supposed to look out from the armchair? Yes, in this hotel we donīt care!
But is the wool padding really supposed to look out from the armchair? Yes, in this hotel we donīt care!
How are you?
I feel very good and is now safely home from the friendly country of England. A very nice trip. And we have killed a lot of completely innocent clay pigeons. And cartraveled up and down along the west coast of England and wales. Think it is wonderful with its rich soil and the endless meadows. We of course planned to watch a lot of castles and sights but when the contest approached, we were so focused that we have only trained and until the shaft was blue. And I shot so well that I was angry! What I mean is that I shot just so good that I missed all prices. I mean good but not good enough. but very close. just a little more UFOs and I had to go home with a small trophy. grr .. but what a nice track. have never seen a similar. it is really a completely different culture over there. an old tradition. the track was so great that it was both a restaurant and shops. In Sweden, we are in some old abandoned military field in the snowstorm and trying to see the pigeons. So it was a fun experience .. and so I have learned that one can ignore to sit up all night and drink beer the day before the race .. hrmpf

but in autumn it is time for the British Open .. and I will not miss .. I hope ..

but many people wonder if this is the website of the musician E-Type and not the other half bad clay pigeon shooter? and they ended up a bit right ...

and the latest breaking news on that front is, my lovely and talented producers are so popular that half the pop world want their help and because I do not have any specific deadline .. and the others have .. I get to stand back and wait to start recording to early autumn .. not so fun but a lot more fun than not at all..right?

So I continue to write songs and work in the studio and focus on them quite few but great gig we have in the summer .. so it will be a great summer anyway .. so this is my little life for the moment..and remember;

and hugs from me


Big picture; The coolest cat ive ever met, the owner of our hotel used to put him in to the hotelbar when he went for a visit to some other pub, and he layed himself down just where he wanted...and no one were supposed to and small pic are all the gigantic trophys that we didnt bring home ;-(
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