Ship ahoy .. dear readers of this my little website

I admit that the picture today is among the most boring taken during the 2000's, but it is the only one that was taken on the trip to Finland by boat this weekend ..
but in contrast to the picture, the show and the trip was one of the more fun I have done recently .. fantastically nice, good, fun and very nice people..107.5 radio station held a festive trip to Åland boat .. or maybe it is called finland boat .. and the boat was nearly filled with party people .. and I was really only guest artist but we (me and the band that was not my own) played all the songs we could come up .. for a fantastic audience who sang and danced like maniacs..

and staff at the radio station and the boat was very nice and took good care of us .. and of course, my old friend markki markki came on the trip .. He never misses a Finnish cruise

.. but we got a little time to rehearse on stage so I invited the whole band to my cabin for some refreshments and music rehearsal .. and it was good for then it was really good .. a nice band called Playboys ..but I took some of my crew with me; SoundJanne, Jonas on keyboard and his girlfriend Joanna, who was very good, and talented Marika who nowadays composes music in america.. !.. and together we managed to make the boat rock for almost an hour.. the crowd did really sing loud and we had a beautiful girl on stage that was going to get married, Congrats again Clara! and with some help from the guards I managed to get a very nice guy in a wheelchair up on stage..he looked very pleased and danced around in the chair.. thats what I call a gooood gig! But we missed the info that it was a special party for the 107,5 crew so we sat in my cabin again and listen to old heavy metal.. until someone yelld that the disco were closing in an hour.. so I had a quick lättöl in the bar be4 bedtime..

morning after Markki came and knocked on my door so I thought I had overslept myself .. but it was just that he had reserved a table for breakfast .. Lobsters, crabs, shrimp, scallops and a bottle of white reisling (light) wine .. for breakfast? .. My stomach thought I was joking .. typically Markki but we had a great time and sat almost in the restaurant until it was time to go ashore .. As I said a very nice trip ... Big thx 107.5 .. travel with you again anytime! and thanks to the audience who danced on as the old days...think I slept for 14 hours when I got home..

now I'm sitting in the studio but is soon on the way home .. Im still so happy that it seems like I made a song that my dear producers want to produce .. right now they are working with a very good band called Carolina Lier .. their new single is a real party song .. think it will go very well for them with the song .. very American .. and the singer has become a good friend .. very down to earth surfingdude .. so we wish them all the luck..

and as i said; extremly boring photo today but I managed to acctually turn off my phone during the whole trip so I didnt have my camera with me.. only that pic I took on myself on my little balcony.. the name of the boat was Galaxy by the way.. but that is all 4 today ladies and gentlemen.. hugs from me so long

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