Hello dear friend

What kind of an old ghost trapped in the image on the wagon? oh sorry it was an artist in front of a horse trailer ..
What kind of an old ghost trapped in the image on the wagon? oh sorry it was an artist in front of a horse trailer ..
Hope you have a cozy time in the spring sun
I finally feel really good after my trip abroad some time ago .. where I managed to get a terrible cold that ended with penicilin .. Well typical of me to go away while wearing a t-shirt to a country that still have snow .. so I must blame myself .. but now it's spring sun in mind.. all dogs are doing well and little new Eira seems very happy with her new family .. she has started to small talk in a strange way .. a mix of wolves howling and barking friendly .. very weird but fun and so she brings shoes from the hallway to the bedroom at night ..?..

And cross the ceiling (eh..in swedish ; Kors i taket..eller Dra på trissor) ... My dear producers have approved some new songs and we plan to start recording in May so it will probably be a small single for the summer .. if we have time .. very exciting .. but as I said before, a new style .. hehe .. but I've done it before .. many wondered if I was crazy when I released Free like a Flying Demon and .. Calling your name .. so now it's time for something new .. but happy music, it will be .. very happy .. but more on that later

Yes, and mother earth has spoken with great voice and once again shown that it is she who is the boss .. not even the rulers of the world together can do something about volcanoes and ash in the air .. I am not a major fan of flying airplanes so i don´t mind but manager niklas had to take all kind of transport alternative to get home from Kiev the other day.. But of course I am a bit worried about them ambulance aircraft that not can fly..

Otherwise, I continue my career as a shotgunner and have much fun on the weekends when I try to race every Sunday .. some nice placements, it has become but I need more training .. but it is nice to have a hobby ..

and next weekend it will be some serious eurodiscoHeadbanging on the Åland boat .. it is not my band but it should be very good musicians anyway.. Im just a guest artist but I have heard that they are very good .. See you on the boat?

but in the meantime you will continue to be robust, viable and powerful

lots of hugs from


Yes, but I must tell you that we went to the Royal Armoury in the Palace last weekend and it was awesome ... I've been there many times but this time we came in as the last guests .. so no people were after us and when the others had gone down to see the horse carriages in a different floor, I sat on the floor in the first hall, just by myself.. and just watched .. Almost for 45 minutes .. speakers were heard in recorded sound of yesteryear with neighing horses and wagons pulled .. and the stands around me, I had original clothes of three Swedish kings .. Gustav III clothes he had when he was shot at masquerade ... Gustaf Adolf the other clothes he wore at Lutsen and finally Charles the Twelfth military dress and hat that he wore when he was shot at Fredrikshald fortress .. scary and exciting at the same time and very close to the events in some way .. just me with these three kings .. very strange feeling .. but I do have some really exciting adventures of my own from the palace to tell you in my memoirs .. but I think I have promised to keep them secret for a few more years ..



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