Будьте здоровы и приветствуем

hope you are doing well .. I do .. after some very exciting days in Odessa, Black Sea
Niklas, Little Red and Emilie and I went to Warsaw on Wednesday and changed plane to Odessa by the Black Sea .. I've played many many times in Ukraine, so I felt at home .. but in Odessa, I have never been .. where we played with Haddaway East and 17 in a large sports hall .. very nice people and very nice gig.

We ate extremely well at an Italian restaurant Cassanova .. .. where they cooked the pasta in a large cheese .. crazy but very good .. and the show was very successful except that I jumped off the stage and thought it was three feet to the floor .. it wasn't .. more like 10 feet .. so I hit me pretty bad when I got the microphone on the lip .. bloody .. but apart from that it was a fantastic audience .. would have liked to have my live band with me but seldom allow the economy .. but in June we are going the whole gang to Kiev and then it will indeed be totally live.. so thx Odessa for some really nice days..

But for such a weird character like me, it was extremely difficult to see how many thousands and thousands of homeless dogs that prowled the streets .. help .. difficult to understand how the hell some things work on earth .. but so is the picture in half the world .. Let's face the fact .. thought to bring with me a dozen homes, but it is extremely difficult to get permission .. so I stole all the sandwiches and all the food from haddaway and east 17s dressing rooms (and offcourse my own) and gave to like 20 very happy dog outside the window ...

well well .. then after the show we all went out on some nightclubs.. one place wierder than the other.. but we had a great night..

but today I feel a bit broken .. just came to the lovely Gothenburg where I will play as a DJ at a nightclub called the park .. it will be fun but first I'll get a light beer, I think .. or two .. but unfortunately, Mikey Dee is in America and are recording new Motorhead album so no beer with him tonight .. Many hugs to all you people reading this ..




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