Hello there ..

Hope you are doing well in the spring sun
well .. Today, it is not so sunny but quite warm and nice..I've had a great weekend with the whole family. we've been on new medieval museum. so I'm very pleased with the weekend. but now I'm back in the studio and I eat stuffed cabbage rolls for dinner and talking to you..

My dear producer has been abroad for almost 2 months and worked and had a holiday but now he is home and we will see if he can find a good track of those I've written in the spring .. well .. some songs I am very happy with, but his job is of course to find an e-type single...

they say that the old swedish king Carl Xll brought cabbage rolls in from his journey to turkey
we call it swedish husmans food but it is certainly not.. I was going to show you a cabbage roll here but it looked so disgusting that it did not work ..

hugs so long




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