or perhaps breaking bragging..
Hello and welcome to my little website .. here we are talking mostly about music but a little relaxation in the studio life, I usually go off to the countryside and shoot clay pigeons with my old friends..which is great fun ..and this day is more fun than in a long time .. for today March 21, 2010 at 15.00, I won the whole contest today in Flen .. 24 hits of the 24 possible ..

It may well be that this is not a top news .. but so insanely fun .. hope your Sunday also is nice .. hugs from me..tomorrow its back to the studio.. and yes, I met the legend Christoffer Rasmussen who use to have the E-typeportalen until recently..he is by the way the son to one of my biggest shootingidols Kenneth Grahn!! great guys...i really hope to work with Christoffer some day again...



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