Hi there dear friend and reader

Hope you feel splendid and live life in joy and freshness
I feel great despite a little cold .. but no grand event has turned my life upside down in recent times .. I sit in the studio all day but are excited and pleased when the nasty snow finally seems to lose the fight and melt away .. forever .. until the next winter ..

Yes, but I recall yet again that I sometimes use Google's translation software, and sometimes when I do not have time to read what I wrote, it may seem as if I was drunk or perhaps some other type, but this is not the case .. have postings my signature they were written by me and no one else .. and often reflect the contributions of the atmosphere that exists in my head that day .. look, now you understand nothing ... I wanted to say was; posts reflect my emotional mood for the day .. and it can vary as you know ..

and when we talk about it. I made a claim one day that I now have to take back. When I saw a really good movie called City Island, I told a friend, who also had seen it, it was very good music in the film. He said that I should not like it because it was so-called old Motown soul and he had read that I did not like such music. It was not true. I love old soul. I think I love all music with great melodies in. so much for it.

Tonight there will be a trip back in time cuz I will be dj at a club in sthlm who just play music from 90's. it will be very fun. So now I will shop till I drop on I-tunes. sun worshiper Niklas have come home to help me keep the beer cold while I m playing disco.

but I must stay calm for tomorrow, it's Song Contest, and then you have to be fresh .. Sankan at Warner've fixed tickets for the afterparty ... weird that I think it's so much fun with schlagern .. guaranteed fun to watch on TV than being with the program itself .. but next year I will try to be on the show as a songwriter .. for banquets are fun .. but it feels like I wrote it before ..

I think anna or timotejj will win .. but I tend to guess wrong in the finals .. anyway, I wish you a fantastic weekend with a lot of kisses, sunshine and party .. soon, all my dogs comes home, they stay out in the country with sigge the dogwatch now that I work so much and late in the studio .. it will be nice .. then I too get many kisses...eh from the dogs that is..

Hugs from me





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