There are different kinds of good artists ..
There are different kinds of good artists ..
Hope yar fine!!
I feel great .. was working late yesterday in the studio so now I sit here and eat breakfast even though it's lunch time. Bagette roasted with orange sauce and cheese. Blåbärssoppa and two fried eggs. hmm .. why tell it? just because I recently got a question on the mail what I used to eat for breakfast .. I forgot the yogurt and blueberry tea ...

Otherwise .. I work like a little otter in the studio and finally I began to get some good respons from my dear producers Martin and Johan. Imagine, though I am now 23 years and then some, I am still so happy when someone, for me, important music people give me credit .. it makes me run to the studio and continue to work .. but I have to warn ya a little bit .. for it does not sound like it usually do .. but after 6 albums .. or is it 5? it may be time to change a little bit ..

I have waged a long war against music like RnB and Soul .. noise without melody .. but times have certainly changed .. today this genre is plain pop .. and sometimes really good pop in my humble opinion .. One of my favorites this sunny morning is Jason Derulos "Whatcha say" .. a typicall RnB song .. Njet .. its a great pop song .. well well time change and finally the RnB found good melodies .. luv it ...and sometimes I almost think that it is myself when I hear the voice of the artist .. not derulo then of course .. funny, but don´t worry .. I am what I am and what I feel cannot be wrong..

but the rest of me is like always .. smiles broadly when I see that some poor bull has laced his bullfighter in the butt, or hear how the Swedish rail network blame all delays on the WINTER? Or how good (!) All contributions are in the Eurovision song contest after the new admission rules .. brr .. but little Anna's track was very good last weekend I think ..

oh well, but we'll see what happens to him, E-type, in the summer .. although Max Martin beats fists on the table and says "Thats yar new single!" We must somehow find time to produce it and boot up the rest of the circus around a release .. But i fight on .. Now off to the mine ..

Be as you are; critical, forgiving and cocky!

Hugs from yar E-type

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