I've always said that my listeners are not like other people ..
I've always said that my listeners are not like other people ..
Hope that you enjoy life and have great people around you ..
I have a good time and working to get into the music again .. after many years outside the studio. I can say that it is not just to plug in my computer and start composing .. several years of absence makes me feel somewhat ancient .. new programs, new sounds, new ways to write pop music .. I know I should only do as I have always done, but if it does not sound fresh, radio won´t pic it up and you, my friend, may never even hear the song .. so I have to follow the rules of the game .. learn everything from scratch and then use the knowledge to the new songs .. somehow .. but I think it's funny, new, scary, but I do not intend to rush .. the new single is finished, when it is finished!

Otherwise, time passes and life continues at its own pace. The dogs feel good, but today slipped little Vantaa out into the woods and as always frightened her master. I usually let the dogs in an empty cow pasture, but I just let the dogs loose when I came to think that the fence of course go into the water .. now, snow and ice .. so she was gone after just a minute .. stupid me .. so I run around for halv n hour yellin and whistles in a three feet thick snow ..pfuh..Im lucky I'm in good shape almost as Gunde Svan ..I wonder how it will be the day I have kids .. i will probably give a new face to the word fear and worries .. but that day, that joy ..

And why not write more often? Simply because I do not have much to tell. I dont book any new gigs in this spring cuz I need time to blend into the studio environment and find the inspiration to try to make new songs .. I turn down all proposals for television programs and other activities, some think I'm better at typing on facebook, but it's not the truth .. facebook is just a bit faster complement to this page ..but I do not write more often there..

But I had a great day this week when I sat down with my dear producers
and acctually started to talk and play and produce the new sound for the next singel.. that was exciting.. and I promise that in the same minute as the work progresses, I will write here .. As I said very exciting ..

Now take care so long and many hugs..and stay as you are; incomparable, inimitable and tireless

Lots of Hugs


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