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a proud man in a shiny professional uniform
Vojne vojne, today was a long day. Early this morning I flew to the beautiful city of Lund, where we met the very nice board for the Dogman, which we hope will be one of the main sponsors for the upcoming DjurGalan, Raise money for neglected animals
.. on the swedish television. A huge project where I have the great honor to be part of together with a collection of very competent people who are to have this dream become a reality. A very nice day and I really hope that they would be in the TV show.

So I had a music free day today and it suited me after many days in the studio. It's really fun to be back in the studio and the creativity flowing ... but no e-type songs have seen the light yet ..but after a few days in the cozy great country of Finland this weekend i will continue to work in the studio ..

But today, I was so reminded of my dear grandfather, George who lived in Uppsala, Norby and drove a taxi in his whole life .. he was a lovely man who was great at carpentry, cooking apple juice and always exciting new projects when I was a little boy .. he used to take me up on the roof and watch the stars in a telescope .. then I could be up all night .. and when we came down grandmother had cooked chocolate though it was in the middle of the night .. wonderful times .. well ... but the taxi driver today who drove us from Lund to Sturup reminded me of Grandpa George, the professional pride of the chauffeur profession .. watch him .. what a hero .. and as he listened to E-type he is given as this week's E-type listener..

hopefully a small report from the beautiful country to the left of Sweden soon

Cheers and Hugs


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