hello in the house

He´s got the Jack...finally the right size
He´s got the Jack...finally the right size
I really hope that you feel good and have fun in life
I'm actually a bit clever and sit on the ass in the studio all day .. not a big favorite yet but I start, with my old friend Jorre Amatiellos help, to produce a wonderful sound image..but it is also important to get some atmosphere .. but I am struggling so we'll see if that makes a song that Max Martin thinks is good enough for a single for the summer..Otherwise, life is nice .. was on the Grammy awards, and that was nice but I can not understand why people are striving to go there when they do not have peace in their body to sit 2 minutes and watch the show .. I felt as if 90 percent of those who were there just came to drink .. and the artists who won .. there are in fact more that you hear on the radio than what was represented at the gala .. have always thought that Grammy would be representing the entire Swedish music .. but it seems they do not .. jaja ..but I met many old and new friends in the branch so I had an excellent evening, although I also think the afterparty should be at the banquet hall .. who wants to stand at Café Opera in costume in the middle of the night? Not my favorite place .. But once it really was ....

and evil in the world continues its triumphal march .. have you sent a text message with the words AKUT NU to 72900? I have..

And damn there are some dogs in my house today.. hehe .. I went to Knutby the other day to pick up lil Eira and then the old gentleman MR Watson, an old Border Collie, jumped in to my car and said that he wanted to spend the weekend with me and the rest of the wolfpack.. I said Oki and now he is satisfied and complacent and snoring on the couch..hmm..nr 4..

Speaking of wolves .. damn to be a wolf in this country in 2010 .. not even the rats are so hunted .. sick ..Poor little frightened men with powerful toys and a state license to kill ..

hmm .. today I am in the mood hihi

well, some more we can tell the truth about? Yes, I met one of the judges in the dance band the fight, Thomas Deutgen, the Grammy Awards and he was both funny and nice .. I like people who are themselves .. people who stand for what they think ..an endangered species

Well, kind, wise and thoughtful reader of the www.e-type.se take care of yourself and have it so good .. talk to you soon .. maybe on facebook;

E-type E-typesson






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