Hello there dear readers

just hope that you feel good this cold cold day ..
in Stockholm, we now have minus 13 degrees cellcius .. crazy .. can not remember when it was so cold .. but it is certainly a retaliation for the government have been so clumsy with the swedish wolf hunt .. hope it is even colder in the political chambers and the heat is broken .. otherwise it's fine with me .. all colds has expired and I have moved the studio to town .. to be closer to my beloved producers .. but it is rusty at the start ..ill tell ya

so there is mush to do as you will understand .. but you know that I also is to be found on facebook as E-type E-typesson .. it is a little easier to upload pictures there .. just so you know .. but today is not that long working for my old best friend Adde from The Bend Over Band's birthday tomorrow and he is having a party tonite .. but after all the shows in December there will be no light beer for me .. I think ..and hope

As I said, so now I walk down into the mine, and I've decided not to look into the light of day until I have a good track so I'll probably be even worse if possible to update my little website .. but so be it because I think I need to focus as much as possible if we come out on summer tour ..

but because those who like my music is a bit smarter than other people, I am sure you understand .. many kisses and hugs so long



www.hundarutanhem.se (and today I remind you a little extra if you have a few pennies over to Hundar utan Hem, because today is it one year ago since the world's finest Jeddan died, the king of straydogs)(in my humble opinion)
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