Hoo Hoo The day be4 Christmas!

but that was a strange picture to have on Christmas Eve .. yes but the trousers are in all cases, red ..
but that was a strange picture to have on Christmas Eve .. yes but the trousers are in all cases, red ..
Hope ur fine this white and chilly day be4 Christmas eve..
Im better, I had to capitulate and start to eat a handful of penicilin for my voice was gone and now we are going sing and play in the beautiful Republic of Ukraine, I can not be hoarse ..yes the day after Christmas eve were having a full live concert in Ukraine.. but flights are so rare there that we are forced to go on Christmas Eve and stopover in Austria .. yoodilahooo adventure ....but I think it should be quite fun .. I celebrate Christmas next year .. This year it will be a few hours in the car to leave all dogs at Sigge Viking and late yesterday 20:00 plane from the airport .. it is a tough job but somebody has to do it ..and we are almost the whole band so we will have fun, im sure of it..

I'm not sure but I do not think anyone in Sweden is so big fan of Jönssonligan films as I am .. when I have been ill for some days now, I have taken the opportunity to see everyone! Thus, all! Jönssonligan films that have been made .. obviously is of course the ones with Gösta Ekman in a separate class .. but the mood, music and a summer Stockholm is just wonderful when you just look out the window for snow ..well the last film was lousy acctually.. those who did it just misunderstood all the things you love about the earlier films .. jaja .. maybe not very important .. but what is important is that my old friend Tommy and my old producer Jorre from Amadin are extras in the latest film .. they play cops .. so that was fun .. oki .. I will stop talking about Jönssonligan ..now

But Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I really hope from my heart that you who read this may have a wonderful day and evening ..I wish u merry merry Christmas and i write this today becuz i know that I will have very much to do tomorrow.. And if u can keep a secret;

I have started a facebook page called E-type E-typesson where you are more than welcome to become a friend .. it is much easier to upload new pictures there than on this side .. but www.e-type.se will obviously continue to exist .. so see you there or here or at

..or maybe in Ukraine ? Hugs from me and a special christmas hug to all beautiful people who help me ..like Special Agent Carin, Kristoffer,






and many more..


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