Hello there dear webreader..

Hope you are fine..
Im good ..very good.. a long working weekend..gig Thursday, Friday and yesterday night.. and some good shows too.. on Thursdays is always the audience a bit dull .. but we have given the iron anyway..hehe i luv my translation program..

but today I am very tired .. after the show yesterday I went to my excellent pyrotechnics technician David, who also is a cruel hard rock drummer in a metallica tribute band called Tributallica .. they had a concert at Pub Anchor, which was very good .. but then I was so tired that I went home and fell asleep on the couch and woke up at eight this morning with torticollis .. eh? stiff neck anyway ..

but I dragged myself to bed and went to sleep half the day .. until it was time to go and pick all the dogs that have been in camp with Sigge Viking all weekend .. great to have him when I work so much ..

and now believe it or not but I will move my studio into my favorite producer in the week and where to borrow a room that I will sit in until a new single sees the light of day .. hehe .. he is tired of me working so little, and I sit where he can keep track of me and hopefully we will have some good songs soon.. it will be incredibly fun to come "home" again for a while .. for many years we sat the whole gang at Cheiron, and it was probably so far the funniest time of my life .. so I look forward to this .. and you who like my music may also look forward to hearing what will hopefully be presented in spring sunshine..

But now it's just next weekend left of the Christmas shows then it's ready for this year .. but there are not many days off for December 25, we fly the whole band to the great republic of Ukraine for a full live gig .. it will be fun but there are not many lättöl on Christmas Eve ..;-+.. but more of that later .. many warm Christmas hugs ..

and yeah the picture .. is a swedish talent called Love and his father that played and sang for me while I had a lättöl before the show yesterday.. very nice guys.. and a great song in swedish.. so if ure in to håkan hellström style, look in to Love! Love is also a swedish male name if u wonder..

now its time for another episode of Sons of Anarchy in the couch..well its busy by 3 dogs so I´ll have the floor to myself..hrmm..



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